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RegalJacketMainLet’s talk models, shall we?

We have been and continue to be thrilled to work with a wide variety of talented people. To get folks to even peek at a catsuit, tickle a desire for a latex kimono or startle the sensibilities of a runway audience we rely on so many talented men and women. There are the people who work with us to render and create our designs, manufacturers of the high grade sheet latex we use, people who lube and care for our materials. Then there are the photographers who have just the right sensibility to shoot our outfits, coming from all over the globe to meet us at events or to shoot for us in our home studios. There are the make-up and hair artisans at shoots and standing off runways always at the ready, working in often confined spaces and with the clock always ticking. And of course there are the models, men and women both who use their bodies and faces in specific artful ways to show-off our designs at their very best. We have worked with some of the very best of these models, men and women both…one of whom is Jade Vixen.

In these pictures you see Jade modeling our Regal Jacket and our Telos Bra and Telos Thong. As an arresting beauty as she is, Jade also embodies that quality that makes for the very best model…not only does she photograph like a true star but she also poses, plays, morph and comports herself into many different styles and ‘looks.’ From high fashion couture to downright hot and fiery fetish costumes, whatever you drape across Jade’s amazing frame, no matter the attitude she is conveying, or even a prop or accessory she is using, Jade Vixen ‘sells’ the style as if she was born to it.

This is what makes a great model.Jade_Vixen-Studio_X-Dawnamatrix-1rs

Let’s face it; some folks have ‘it.’ An indefinable quality that draws eye and attention, captivates an intimate party gathering or stills a big audience, transcends media, place or time. Charisma, sex appeal, just an unstoppable joie de vivre, call it what you will. We’re happy that a model like Jade Vixen conveys her unique vision of life, her very sparkling essence in the work she does…and especially in the work she does for the Dawnamatrix brand.

Jade can be found here.

Our Regal Jacket can be found here.

Our Telos Bra here and Thong here.

Photography by Paul Hill and Miss Studio-X


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