Team Dawnamatrix Does Boston’s Pop Culture Expo

HodorFrom Games of Thrones’ Kristian Nairn, to stepping in Dr. Who’s TARDIS, to passing by the likes of Rae Dawn Chong and Parker Stevenson, Team Dawnamatrix made the scene down at Boston’s Pop Culture Expo last week. Certainly a smaller gathering of the faithful and costumed then say Comic Con, still this event at the Shriners Auditorium pretty much held its own BAMMO, POW, ZOWIE punch. One could set up a meal with their favorite actor, get in line for pics and autographs, buy some swag or just cavort with the like- minded.

As you see here, Team Dawnamatrix got in on the fun in two separate sets of outfits. First we caught the afore mentioned Kristian Nairn on the hotel floor (yes those are indeed latex catsuits we’re sporting certainly available to any and all Dawnamatrix customers by writing us here. And the dynamic duo also stepped into the Time Lord’s ‘wheels’ in the other pic…adorned in latex once again, just of the more superhero variety.

The convention was a good mix of all ‘pop.’ Comics were represented with artists on hand, music, photography, animation, even classic T.V. We caught another G.oT. star Esme Bianco on the floor; Mark Goddard “Don West” from the classic T.V. sci-fi show Lost In Space was making his rounds, as was Ernie Hudson and the  Ecto 1 mobile from “Ghostbusters.” Actually there were a lot of truly cool vehicles from T.V. and movies at this convention, the Ecto 1 and TARDIS being only two of the many. ‘Voice actors’ like Billy West and Juli Mayers were on hand too and even The Beatles original drummer (yes Virginia there was somebody before Ringo) Pete Best was signing autographs.tardis

Catsuits (see here) and costumes, autographs and memorabilia, stepping in (and unfortunately ‘out’) of the TARDIS, Boston’s Pop Culture Expo was a truly great time.

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