The Montreal Fetish Weekend & Dawnamatrix’s New Line

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The Montreal Fetish Weekend-a 6 day weekend actually, 8/27-91-is where we typically introduce our new designs for the year. For the 10th version of this annual celebration we will once again be revealing our newest wares (a picture of which appears here) and celebrating with all the rest of the scene-stylers in that most wild of Canadian cities. In addition to the sheer revelry of all these fetish-minded folk descending on the city and the hotel hosting the convention (the Hotel Des Gouverneurs) the ‘weekend’ will feature the Latextacy Ball, A Night of Play at the Ball Bizarre, Expo Kink, workshops, and stellar VIP parties. This year Jean Bardot, Onna Sakura, DJ Faith and The Richard will be just a few of the infamous performing.

It’s enough to make one’s mouth water in anticipation (or at least one’s latex sweat.)

Our new line is inspired by Art Deco elegance, Rococo…and fantasy/scifi elements in general. The genre of the fantastic in its many guises and influence is never far from what we do, as are the various influences we delight in discovering from around the globe. We only hope to do the Lolita’s, the Steampunk pilots, the cosplay cuties, the Goths, schoolgirls, nurses, doctors and ‘animals’ of every description proud with what we reveal at Montreal Fetish weekend this year…and with all we have coming for the future.

As far as lifestyle fetish events go The Montreal Fetish Weekend ranks right up there with the very best. It’s truly a provocative mix of people and events. But what truly makes the event is how the city itself is so very welcoming to the many finely festooned fashionistas making their way in and out of Metro stops, across sunlight walkways on Ste-Catherine street, or in and out of retail shops and restaurants.

Once again Dawnamatrix is thrilled to be part of The Montreal Fetish Weekend.


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