Latex Dreams of Anime, Leopard Prints and Ray Guns

BibianaAtada_DawnamatrixLatexFashionIMG_8535There’s just too much happening in the world of superheroes, cosplay, comics,  Anime and Manga to ignore…so we don’t. As we’ve mentioned here previously before, with summer upon us there is a lot of costuming coming (or already upon us) in mainstream movies, conventions and across pretty much all media. Being as much creators of latex couture, we we are alternative clothing and very often specific made-to-measure fantasy costumes we can’t help but be influenced the imaginative stuff swirling round us this time of year (or any other time actually). There are just certain instances where we connect with the right photographer, a well seasoned model or two and get to show off a piece that is truly fantasy inspired or specifically designed for event/costume wear.

In both outfits here, we have super sexy fetish model Bibiana Atada shot by Erik Von Gutenberg for his lifestyle, latex, fashion quarterly Von Gutenberg Magazine. In the purple-backed pictures Bibiana is wearing a plugsuit style catsuit inspired by the Japanese sci-fi “mecha dystopia” Evangelion anime series. The second set of photos show Bibiana in a much more revealing leopard printed Kierei Halter Dress. …another distinctively fantasy piece.

Creating the particular brand of fashion that we do one can’t ignore that a client as much might want a latex wedding gown to put an individual stamp on their special day as much as a customer might simply be looking for a hood for a fetish convention. The plugsuit style catsuit shown here would certainly serve you well  attending either (or both) Comic-Cons in NYC and San Diego this year. And the kimino pieces we create are perfect for high grand fashion occasions as much as for stay-at-home relaxing.LatexFashionKireiHalterDress2

Really, this is what we do. Straddling lots of interesting worlds, infusing so many influences and feeding the fantasies of the many fashion minded that come to us to make their dreams come true.

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