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RegalDressMain-laserIn creating latex couture rest assured we are ever attempting to marry the latest technologies to our business…pretty much like every other business is doing these days. Just the social media alone that we use (like this blog) raises awareness of the Dawnamatrix brand, keeps us in constant contact with photographers, models and customers around the world in ways we could never manage without a global net reach. We have been introduced to ever newer and better materials-coming to use high grade sheet latex presently in our clothing-and imagine a whole wave of new developments coming in the future. Art in America is informed by world technology, as is art everywhere else across the globe and like everyone else we simply can’t wait to get our hands on and into the new ‘stuff.’ This ethos (if we dare call it that) can be seen bright, true and clear with the Laser Cut Technology we presently employ.

Using Adobe Illustrator, we design graphics in house, or use those provided by customers. Ever championing made-to-measure custom orders (made-to-measure custom orders are a latex designer’s lifeblood) we are quite adept at consultation, suggestion and communication, so customers’ designs are easily created and always encouraged. These “vector files” we create or are given are then loaded into the laser cutter system and the design is cut directly into the latex sheeting. Designs impossible to render by hand-even with our years in business-can be created with pinpoint accuracy as a cut-out of the full garment panel is made to create a full body design. We can also manage small appliqué overlay designs with the laser technique.LatexFashionMensDevilTank2

At the Danger! Awesome crowdfunded maker space (“crowdfunding” something only possible through the technology of the net) we are licensed to operate the laser cutters for Dawnamatrix projects…some of the results of which you see pictured here.  Danger! Awesome in Cambridge M.A.(their Facebook page here are best known for the laser engraving they created for the Ok Go video (see here.



Female Model in Regal Minidress: https://dawnamatrix.com/regal-minidress/

Model: Joana Castano Photographer: Kev Cool Photography https://krazykevcool.tumblr.com/ 

Hair/Makeup: Indra Salon/Chill Spa https://www.indrasalon.com/


Devil Tank (Male model outfit): https://dawnamatrix.com/devil-tank-shirt/

Model: Paint it Black https://www.facebook.com/modelpaintitblack?ref=br_tf

Photography: Roman Kasperski https://www.romankasperski.de/


Additional photo is of our red Regal Jacket: https://dawnamatrix.com/regal-jacket/

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