Aniston Freed!

In recent months it hasn’t as much been a piece of latex wardrobe or any alternative fashion accessory that has gained trending traction across the web. As to be expected, given the end-of-year-into-the-new Hollywood award season shows, pretty much haute couture is getting the most attention. Shows like The Golden Globes, and the upcoming Oscars …

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Curve Expo, Lingerie & Swim Show NYC

I liked how more than a few designers-Baci comes instantly to mind-were showcasing ‘alternative’ couture in lingerie. Designing what we do we often find that lots of designers appropriate the label ‘alternative’ simply because they may have incorporated a bit of latex here, created a overtly naughty piece of lingerie there. But as we all know it is a matter of perspective really what is and is not alternative. It’s the old one’s man’s meat is another man’s latex jodhpur quandary.

Andrew Rannells in Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig, with his East German vibe and suffering a botched sex change is an altogether alternative animal of a totally different stripe and one that can’t be caged in any true category. Even if all you court is a smidgen of alternate theatre/fashion sensibility you are going to love this show…no matter if Rannells or Patrick Harris is starring. There is a true feeling of audience immersion in the main character’s story and a grab-you-and-never-let-go immediacy to this play that one can’t ignore.

Paris Hilton: L.A. Dominatrix

Dressing (and changing) for a video shoot for her new single “High Off My Love” the 33 year old heir-turned-celeb Paris Hilton donned quite a few naughty outfits (5 in fact) and several wigs in L.A. last week. ‘The Kids’ stylists Sammy & Judy selected the looks Paris sported in the hot L.A. sun, styles that were labeled fetish, ‘dominatrix wear’ and downright naughty across the blogosphere and newspapers the past few days.

Dawnamatrix & Laser Cut Technology

At the Danger! Awesome crowdfunded maker space (“crowdfunding” something only possible through the technology of the net) we are licensed to operate the laser cutters for Dawnamatrix projects…some of the results of which you see pictured here. Danger! Awesome in Cambridge M.A.(their Facebook page here are best known for the laser engraving they created for the Ok Go video (see here.

The 'Black And White' World Of Angelina

The press was slightly shocked at a recent photocall for her new movie Maleficent when Angelina Jolie showed up at Kensington Palace in a white Atelier Versace dress. Though she was sporting Louboutin heels with a deep red seemingly dripping down the back, Brad Pitt’s lady was looking positively alluring in white. And while we are all used to Jolie looking fetching the public is not so used to the lady in white…or any light color that is.