93rd Academy Award Couture

Wild latex designs, staid haute couture, pajamas; it’s anyone’s guess how the 93rd Academy Award show couture might play when it comes to who is wearing what.

As this recent Variety piece mentions, stylists and designers were trying to be respectful of the times and the tone by collaborating with their celebrity clients on more sedate wardrobe choices and accessories for award shows over the year. But now seemingly stepping from the dregs of the shutdown, color and alternative styles might rule the day this Sunday. As postulated in this article, taking the more recent awards shows from their usual red carpet concerns has revealed stars at home, quite comfortable in fact. This idea of a more laxed attitude, and that we are all so happy to be hopefully seeing the end of COVID, might unleash ever more creative ideas of what might be permissible this year at The 2021 Academy Awards.

Then again, we’ll probably see the usual display of high styles, certainly over a rash of stars wearing latex corsets! Whoopie Goldberg, who won an Oscar in 1991 as well as hosted the show, graces Vanity Fair’s pre-Oscar issue in high-end haute couture; wearing a voluminous black gown and equally full draping pale blue coat, pink scarf, and white felt fedora.

A hint of things to come for this Sunday’s broadcast?

But what might even be more interesting than the wardrobe choices we see is that the attendees for the 93rd Oscars are not required to wear face masks while on camera. Since the Oscars is a television production, it is not mandatory that people appearing on camera during the broadcast need to wear masks. (although during commercial breaks, stars will be asked to put their face coverings on). But unlike other award shows, Oscar nominees must be present (in person) to participate in the telecast; The Academy Award allows no remote acceptance speeches.

Attendees will be asked to take a COVID test, will be temperature-checked when they arrive, and a reduced number of reporters will be on hand to interview the stars, as well as a much leaner population allowed into the show. 

As always, we all have to tune-in on Sunday to see who is wearing what…masked or not.

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