Andrew Rannells in Hedwig and the Angry Inch

The wonderful, sad, costume resplendent, rock-and-roll frenzy that is the revival of Hedwig and the Angry Inch sees Andrew Rannells stepping in for Neil Patrick Harris starting 8/2o. Your dynamic Dawnamatrix duo was lucky enough to catch 2014 Tony award winner Harris in the title role just recently, but Rannells is in for the time of his life as well.

This revival of John Cameron Mitchell’s ‘downtown’ play is enjoying lots of acclaim, up on the Broadway uptown boards this time around (Harris in the title roll certainly brought this production enough cache for a stint in the Belasco Theatre). The wild glitter, amazing number of costume and wig changes (almost all happening on stage during the show) the video screens, the music, the sets and sheer transgender-ness of it all was not lost on latex designers like us as well as the audiences who have been flocking to the show. We’ve surely created many a piece and/or accessory that skirt across the genders (our Kimono sleeves instantly come to mind, great for a man or woman’s accessorizing) as well infusing a little extra theatrical creativity in something even as simple as a pair of pasties.

To say we adored this show would be an understatement.

Hedwig, with his East German vibe and suffering a botched sex change is an altogether alternative animal of a totally different stripe and one that can’t be caged in any true category. Even if all you court is a smidgen of alternate theatre/fashion sensibility you are going to love this show…no matter if Rannells or Patrick Harris is starring. There is a true feeling of audience immersion in the main character’s story and a grab-you-and-never-let-go immediacy to this play that one can’t ignore.

Hat’s off to Neil Patrick Harris and a ‘break a leg’ to Andrew Rannells both of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Get yourself out to see it if you’re in NYC, you’ll be glad you did.


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