Curve Expo, Lingerie & Swim Show NYC

Kristy-latex-1There was definitely come interesting wares on display at the Curve Expo, Lingerie & Swim Show in NYC at Javits Center, North. Yes, brands like Betsey Johnson, Oh La La Cheri and Fashion Forms were on hand, but it was as much the plus-size lingerie companies, a few sexy swim wear makers and some adult toy companies peppered into the mix that really made the day.

I liked how more than a few designers-Baci Lingerie comes instantly to mind-were showcasing ‘alternative’ couture. Designing what we do we often find that lots of designers appropriate the label alternative simply because they may have incorporated a bit of latex here, created a overtly naughty piece of lingerie there. But as we all know it is a matter of perspective really what is and is not alternative, akin to the old “one’s man’s meat is another man’s latex jodhpur” quandary.

And most of what I saw was certainly hot!

Though we do produce latex lingerie ourselves, (see these pieces: Striped Panty Girdle, Honeymoon Nightie, Leopard Thigh Highs) there was lots of good stuff on display at Curve that gave us pause: The camouflage-influenced intimates and loungewear line from Wilderness Dreams (see here: was especially tricked out; adult toy designer Lelo had its spaced-age sexy goodies on display (as much as some sexy couture) and the afore mentioned fetish-influenced line from Baci does look rather neat.

Really, it did our naughty ‘alternative’ hearts good to be among so many mainstream designers walking towards our side of the street. It goes to show how far Art in America has come when such well known global brands of swimwear and intimates can almost make us blush…almost. I expect naughty slight outfits at a good old fetish event or even at a comic convention, but could it be that mainstream fashion is finally getting truly sexy?

Dare to dream.


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