Paul Allan Shoots Tina Mari For The New Dawnamatrix Line

Tina Latex-4As mentioned previously (and as we will be mentioning all the way up until the end of August) we are premiering-as we have now done for four years running-the new Dawnamatrix line at Montreal Fetish Weekend 8/27-9/1. As you can expect we are busy getting everything ready, rendering latex creations we hope will take the alternative wardrobe world by storm, determining what we will be taking with us ‘up north’, setting-up not just the runway appearance but whatever else we can manage while we are in Montreal to connect with friends and fans alike.

And of course we’re having pictures taken of fetching models wearing our new couture. Really, what’s a sexy latex outfit without a sexy model to wear it and a talented photographer to shoot her?

Paul Allan is currently shooting model Tina Mari (with HMUA being done by Ashley Novak) for our new line.  Tina Mari is a Playboy Miss Social Contest Winner and a pro of the highest order who we have used before (see her CCG page here). Here all her appearances previously in our catalog.

With Paul Allan of Paul Allan Photo on board shooting the fetching Tina (see Paul’s page here) we know we’ll see the very best of Tina through Paul’s crisp, clean style.

As we have opined before, creating the clothes is one thing. Models/photographers/make-up and hair people working with us to show-off our latex designs in their best light is the icing on the big fashionable yummy cake we are trying to bake. Artisans all, we love and appreciate the contributions from people like Ashley, Paul and Tina. They make what we do all that much better.

When the time comes to show off Paul Allan’s amazing photos of Tina Mari, you can bet we will be revealing them proudly. Stay tuned.LatexFashionGlitterazziDress1





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