Let’s talk models, shall we?

EVENT FLYER-01Sexy ladies, the clothes they wear and the talented photographers who shoot them…I told you I’d ‘fashion’ updates about, all the way up to (and including) premiering our new Dawnamatrix line at Montreal Fetish Weekend. Well here is more information that we are just pleased as punch about, and it involves those luscious ladies that model our latex outfits.

The flyer image here was taken by photographer/magazine CEO Erik Von Gutenberg (see his site, magazine, couture here. This model in this show-Kerri Taylor- is just one of the women we have hired to show-off our new line and we’ve announced all of the ladies this week over on our Facebook page.

The ladies we are thrilled to be working with this year are Nea Dune, Holy Scar, Kerri Taylor, who we have worked with before and Véronique Marcoux, Ramsessa Eros, Paisley Lauren, Carl-André Girard, Crimson Heavens Mira LaFleur and July August.

Nea Plugsuit

The image above is of Nea Dune, who we collaborated with for the cover art of the latest Gridlink album…she’s wearing a custom plugsuit style catsuit in this shot. And Kerri, our flyer cover girl, is wearing a Marble Tank Minidress in “purple galaxy” in the picture below.

purple galaxy dress front

Find the Plugsuit Catsuit here. Find the Galaxy Tank here.

And here’s some sites for Nea: https://www.modelmayhem.com/1148992

and for Kerri: https://www.modelmayhem.com/982.

So the women are in place, the photographers like Paul Allan (who I mentioned last week) cleaning off their lenses and we are busy working our fingers and eyes at a fever pitch. As always we know that the show on Saturday 8/30 at the LaMouche Club will be another success for us, at yet again Montreal Fetish Weekend where we feel ever so welcome every year and look forward to reveling with friends/fans and fashionistas, who all feel very much like family

Here comes Montreal Fetish Weekend and Dawnamatrix is ready!


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