The 'Black And White' World Of Angelina

"Maleficent" - PhotocallThe press was slightly shocked at a recent photocall for her new movie Maleficent when Angelina Jolie showed up at Kensington Palace in a white Atelier Versace dress. Though she was sporting Louboutin heels with a deep red seemingly dripping down the back, Brad Pitt’s lady was looking positively alluring in white. And while we are all used to Jolie looking fetching the public is not  so used to the lady in white…or any light color that is. Angelina showing up in a sparkly black gown with a dipping back for the movie’s premier days later was more in keeping with what we are used to from this stunning movie star. But the ‘black and white’ of lady tastes of this super celeb shows that a lady can certainly step out in different looks, colors, cuts and styles…especially when that lady can afford to.

If you want to jolt to your fetish sensibilities-beyond just thirsting over how wonderful Jolie looks in the movie-have a gander at this Disney trailer. This is the stuff of unadulterated lush dark visions of life/fashion and fantasy to be sure as much a movie of how one of the most infamous fantasy villains of all time came to be. It’s an interesting take that Disney has managed here, with the evil lady’s motivation explained, playing on some sympathy for Maleficent and not a fair amount of great wardrobe and effects.

The fur lined cape, her wings, high tight collars and trains, headdress with horns are a alternative fashionistas’ dream, not to mention get one wondering-hoping-what it all seems to be made of! It gets us thinking of our own latex accessories, mix and matching gloves, hoods, etc.eonline Angelina Malificent

A positively evil smörgåsbord of delightful fun can be had at Maleficent, no matter what side of the color spectrum you favor.



pictures included from Eonline and Forumotion

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