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Ah the marriage of fashion and photography. Where would one be without the other? Actually, where would Dawnamatrix be without the consistent provocative good work of our friends and colleagues who snap and capture our dreams? Sure, models like Mosh, Kiku Mizuhara and Ophelia Overdose and so many more lovely ladies are so very important to what we do, but if nobody was around to take their photo, we’d be lost. Artfully written descriptions can surely paint word pictures about the undulant folds of latex, make us feel the sweat and snuggly grip of the clothing we so love to wear (does a plunging latex bodysuit come to mind?). But when one sees a picture, even a snippet of some film showing a man or lady swishing by in lubed latex, crinkling one knee over another, even simply snapping a wristlet into place, etc. it does get us deep in our fetish hearts, minds…and just about everywhere else, doesn’t it? Working as we do all with tops in the field of latex & alt photography from Erik Von Gutenberg to Antonio Angelo to Mew-Chiel (to name but a few) a recent exhibition of Guy Bourdin reminds us once again of those who were pioneers in this field of fashion alternative images.

Bourdin Guy 2003 06 01 A 034

Guy Bourdin was a well known presence at French Vogue and the art world in general for four decades. Some of his rare works were on display at the tail end of this April at Paris Photo, L.A.’s, Louise Alexander gallery. Looking through even web stills of these pieces one is certainly struck by Bourdin’s ease with the sexy and colorful (though there were some B&W shots of his dating back from the 50’s) and his love for not just subject, but form and grace of material. With his work featured at The Victorian & Albert Museum, The National Museum of China in Beijing and so many other spots this photographer who died in 1991 might be gone but he is certainly-and should never be-forgotten.


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