‘Selling Sunset’ Shines In Latex

We will even skirt around the shiny and lubed 800lb. gorilla in the room when we don’t find any latex wardrobe to drool over by reporting on some other kind of alternative fashion that might make our grade

Kristin Juszczyk Highly Visible Fashion Moment

Taylor Swift, who we all know is dating Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs (another 2024 Superbowl hopeful), has been seen, and seen plenty on camera during the broadcast, in Kristin’s couture.

Our Royal Emissary 

It’s about time we gave forth on the specific brief of the latex wardrobe piece, our Royal Emissary, that we entered into and won with at The World of Wearable Art this year.

Mugler Springs Summer 2022 Film

“This whole idea of focusing on the bum as much as other people focus on the boob is something I really took from Manfred.” And it’s evident in this 9-minute film that Cadwallader is celebrating booty here as much as possible.

Sports Illustrated & Lenya Bloom Make History

As to be expected, we love it when some latex outfit, or a cool piece of wardrobe makes a cultural statement. Whether being introduced in a new haute couture collection or worn on some performer’s body, almost daily we see, read and are delighted by some news about another alternative or sexy outfit sparking the zeitgeist worn by one of our brightest, best and most popular.

Angelina Jolie, Dressed Or Not

It’s not just who wears what latex outfit or semi-alternative fashion we are interested in (or come to blog about). Sometimes, it’s a question of what somebody might not be wearing or nothing much at all, that might catch our attention and respect. Fetish couture, sexy onstage costumes, and even the occasional tasteful nude interests us all, …


Halloween Costumes for 2019

Beyond Yandy (which we will spin back to in a second), there are lots of new Halloween costume choices of which to partake. According to Pinterest’s yearly round-up, the #1 couple costume of the year is anything but sexy.

That Skirt Is Just Too Short

The Nike Premier Slam Dress is the signature outfit for female players on the circuit endorsing the sportswear brand. But this year a group of players paid to endorse Nike (and wear the dress) asked for alternations to the outfit, over concerns over the dress’s length (or lack of it). Simply put, a goodly amount of vocal lady players feel the dress exposes way too much flesh when they run, jump, manage splits and bend during pl