That Skirt Is Just Too Short

HoneymoonNightieMain1-368x552If ‘too tight,’ ‘too short,’ and/or ‘too revealing,’ are concerns when wearing your latest latex outfit maybe this style of dress (and a material) is not right for you. By the time men and women are considering (or wiggling into) something ‘alternative’ they are usually well over hump and hurtle of the ‘is it too..?” quandaries.

This is also not the usual quandary one has when playing tennis.

At this year’s Wimbledon though there are some sure concerns of ‘too short’ when it comes to female tennis player couture.  It seems players like Donna Vekic are being called-out for the ‘baby doll’ style of their tennis whites (and by Wimbledon rules if the outfit is white it passes muster, the length doesn’t much matter) short cut.

The Nike Premier Slam Dress is the signature outfit for female players on the circuit endorsing the sportswear brand. But this year a group of players paid to endorse Nike (and wear the dress) asked for alternations to the outfit, over concerns over the dress’s length (or lack of it). Simply put, a goodly amount of vocal lady players feel the dress exposes way too much flesh when they run, jump, manage splits and bend during play.

Venus Williams, who has designed her own clothing line for EleVen, and often considered for her celebrity fashion, only shocked with a dyed red weave this year. She seems to be keeping her outfit choices on the more conservative side. Her sister Serena will wear her Nike Women’s Premier Wimbledon Serena SW19 Dress, in the style of the infamous ‘bay doll’ premier dress, but altered to her liking. Players like Italy’s Sara Errani wore a different Nike style as well.

As we all well know, the baby doll cut (two Dawnaamatrux examples are here.…one is even white!) is very popular. Yes, the short length is obvious, but that’s what one is after when wearing such couture and it seems certain female tennis stars are after this look as well, while others not.

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