Battling Ageism in Fashion One Big Bushy Beard At A Time

DumasIt might simply be because we are all so obviously enlightened…but ageism doesn’t seem to infect latex couture culture all that much. If the evidence of our eyes can be believed, we all have seen men and women of a wide range of ages attend latex/rubber/PVC fashion shows, decked out in corsets and catsuits at fetish events, participate in alternative fashion culture in general. While all the isms…sexism, ageism, etc. seem to plaque society, I think we can all proudly stand to declare, that at least when we are sporting our latest latex look, as a group we seem to rise above such prejudices.

Model Philippe Dumas is rising above as well…in the mainstream fashion world. A rugged looking male model based in Paris, who clearly makes the distinction between style and beauty, Dumas’ 24,000 plus Instagram followers speak to this 60 year-old’s popularity. Knocking around the Parisian advertising business in his 6th decade, Dumas didn’t find so many opportunities for work, so he simply started visiting modeling agencies. His confidence on even thinking he could work the stylish side of the camera had been emboldened by many young people complimenting his large gray beard and his wearing of tailored suits; even more wanting to take his picture.
Dumas’ gun metal grey hair and bushy beard and moustache covering a good portion of his face certainly makes for a startling image.

In just his one year modeling, Dumas has worked on product campaigns for alcohol, jewelry, furniture and perfume.

We have seen celebrities and models like Lauren Hutten or a Helen Mirren fight ageism with recent fashion and accessory modeling campaigns. And certainly body image paradigms are being fought all the time (just this past year Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue featured not only  its first plus size model on a cover-Ashley Graham-but another curvy lady, Nicola Griffin, who is 56 years old.)

It’s nice to see men like Dumas making his mark in a haute couture world that indeed does to seem ever changing.

Maybe they are all just finally catching-up to us?



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