Latex Redux

It’s one thing to slip into a latex wardrobe for an award show red carpet strut-in. Or to be seen in some skin-tight latex couture for a superhero role you have stepped into. And we constantly point out singers wearing latex costumes for video or stage appearances. But when our best and brightest show up …


Madonna Returns….Is There Latex?

While Madonna has certainly given us all a good look-see of lace, leather, and, yes, latex costumes in her stage costumes of past, it was anybody’s guess what we’d get when the Material Lady returned to concert stages.

Goodbye To Paul Reubens, Great Laughs & And AN Iconic Costume

The Pee-wee character would be featured in a score of movies and TV appearances, an HBO special, and on Broadway. In fact, Pee-wee’s first big screen starring appearance, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, marks the directorial debut of Tim Burton.

The 2021 World Of Wearable Art Is Cancelled

When the New Zealand government announced a level 4 pandemic lockdown on August 17th, the TSB Arena, where the WOW show was supposed to be held, was a hive of activity.

Get ‘Geeked’ This Week On Netflix

Out from under the shutdown, we all might be enjoying some time away from Netflix, all of our devices, for the summer. But for the next few days, at least you can get a good sense of what is on and coming from the streaming service and bolster what you want to binge when you sit down to watch your favorite geeky fare

DC FanDome, Part 1: Hall of Heroes

Cosplayers, fantasy game role-players, movie magic lovers, superhero fans, and latex costume lovers unite today for the first part of the super streaming DC fan event, DCFANDOME. An online experience boasting a deep dive into DC, this global free event is truly unprecedented, the very best result of how we have come to enjoy ‘live’ …


Warner Brothers Studios Tour New Costume Display

Warner Brothers Studios has ‘upped the ante’ on their game recently in what they are showing to the public of their costume collection, allowing the public into view both an Aquaman/Wonder Woman DC collection as well as displaying wardrobe pieces from Crazy Rich Asians and the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born.

Stan Lee: Excelsior!

Modern popular literature, superhero haute couture and all of us who love our flights of fantastic fancy owe a debt to Stan Lee that can only be paid by celebrating the man for as long as we can

What You-Know-Who Is Wearing For Halloween 2018

Beyoncé revealed herself across Instagram recreating Tony Braxton’s cover for Braxton’s first official single “Another Sad Love Song.” Dressed in white tee, short black wig, Beyoncé made the perfect “Phoni” Braxton, as she titled the picture. Having just shown up at the Twisted Tales Unicef event in London, Rita Orr made quite a bit of buzz in a leggy blac

Dawnamatrix Does New York Comic Con 2018-Part 2

Walking away from our two days spent ‘doing’ NYCC 2018 we were lovingly exhausted with all we saw and the many people we met. It was a great time and we hope to attend last year, either on the east coast or west. Cosplay, comics, anime and fantasy are alive and well, and we are damn happy they are.

How Debbie Reynolds Saved Our Costume Loving A**

Surely Debbie Reynold’s was a grand dame of Hollywood. And her tragic death only two days after her daughter’s last week (seemingly from a broken heart), cuts us all to the quick. But the lady should also be recognized for reaching out and collecting all those outfits and props movie fans held dear. One can only imagine where so much of that filmdom history could have ended up or if we’d have ever seen it again.

Thanksgiving Turkey Hats…Is This A Thing?

Fashion question more than statement, seemingly Turkey Hats fall into the same satirical sartorial couture as the obligatory ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater. In the TMZ piece, notables like Cara Delevingne, Doutzen Kroes, and Ozzy Osbourne wear what seem to be the common Turkey Hat, a brown knit beanie-shaped hat, made of plushy material fashioned to resemble brown turkey skin-in the shape of the Thanksgiving bird-often with little white ‘feeties’ capping the edge of each leg. It’s as if the Tukey sat right down on one’s head in this style of hat.