Dawnamatrix Does New York Comic Con 2018-Part 2

At a convention like New York Comic Con lots of what one experiences is skin; lots of it pushed up, painted, held tight and alluring shaped by spandex, Lycra or latex costumes. Attendees dressing for the event are certainly hoping to be recognized as much by what they are wearing (and not) as how much time and attention went into what they wear.

We not only got to ogle and take some great pictures (as you saw in our first Comic Con blog and here in this one) but we got to spin by a few booths selling accessories and clothes, and also speak with one of top players in cosplay universe.

While first walking the perimeter of the New York’s Javitz Center we came across Arda Wigs. The fiber they use in their cosplay wigs is heat resistant up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. They promote long lifespan of their product, something every cosplayer certainly wants, as much in wardrobe as in accessories.

And for the steampunk in all of us, Blonde Swan sells specific, and oh-so-cool, hats of every size, shape, style and material. They create true textile art in this specific accessory and talking to one of their makers we learned they try as best they can to keep prices down even in their bespoke orders.

Stepping away from cosplay and comics for a second, we stopped to speak with pin up artist Genevieve FT. This lady, based in Montreal, creates body-positive sketches of curvy girls, and was one of the many illustrators who had set up a booth in “Artists’ Alley,” in the basement of the Javtiz. Away from all the superhero costumes and high-energy Hulu, Netflix and Marvel advertisements it was nice to take a break among the artists and meet someone like Genevieve with such a beguiling passion for her expert cartoon nudes.

But lastly, coming to a true representative of cosplay, Yaha Han, we as much got a lesson in what modern fantasy dress up is about, as what this spectacularly gifted lady is into presently…beyond her modeling.

As well as taking pictures with fans, selling and signing the copy of Cosplay Culture Magazine she’s on the cover of (as well as interviewed inside), Yaha showed us and told us all about her cosplay fabric line. If anybody knows what cosplayers are looking for in what they wear it would be this lady and certainly her wide range of fabrics are made up of a various mix of materials, sport unique finishes and are as durable as they are breathable.

It was such a thrill to talk to Yaha Han, certainly a queen of cosplay.

Walking away from our two days spent ‘doing’ NYCC 2018 we were lovingly exhausted with all we saw and the many people we met. It was a great time and we hope to attend last year, either on the east coast or west. Cosplay, comics, anime and fantasy are alive and well, and we are damn happy they are.

photos: Joseph Swarctz


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