Dawnamatrix Designs Does FashionNXT

As you can imagine, Dawnamatrix Designs is thrilled any time we get to show our latex outfits. From the WOW stage in New Zealand to a fetish event in Canada to having our models saunter among classic cars, as far as we have always been concerned, great opportunities are around every curtained corner, across wooden floors and high stages and sometimes not even where we’d expect a runway.

At the FashioNXT show in Portland recently, we got to reveal our “The New Flesh,” collection (see the pieces here). This show was of a more traditional, classic haute couture setting, and as with everyplace else we have been, we found our time in Portland, glorious.

The FashionNXT show was held all weekend, but we drove in to show on Friday night. Runways at these events are typically set about eye-level for the seated observer to view the models, but this is not always the best vantage point for photographers. FashionNXT had a raised dais set up for photographers and video, the stage level vantage point that much better for catching still pictures and video.
The other classic tropes of a fashion show like this—expansive background, top notch lighting, cracker-jack hair and make-up artisans—surely made for a glorious fifteen minutes for us. Also, with the models and scene of a more classic nature, sleek and classically beautiful, our clothes made even more of an impact. And being the only latex designer at the show, we made quite the unique showing; one photographer mentioned to me that, while we were one of the designers showing so far less skin than others, because of the curve-hugging properties of latex, our designs were some of the sexiest and eye-catching.

Pretty much one of the finer points of latex designing, I have always felt.

With designers, FYN Apparel, Colty and Mondo Guerra showing also (to name just a few of the others) FashionNXT outfitted themselves in grand style.

We thank them and the city of Portland for their hospitality.

Here is Videographer Hal Harrison’s brief take on our section of the event: video. The picture up top is from that video, the one right here ending this blog entry is from our old friend and fantastic photographer Paul Allan.


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