The Many Turns Of Dakota Johnson

Wearing lingerie as outer wear, haute couture fashions or trending accessories like the shest, it is indeed fun following Dakota Johnson.

All That Twitters Is Not Always Gold…at Hashtag askEL James

It would be hard to argue the success of E.L. James’ trilogy. Not only did the subject matter interest those of us of a more ‘liberal’ dress-up sensibility (one could entertain some kinky fantasies when wearing something like our but the adventures of Anastasia and Mr. Grey took the world by storm. With the release of her new novel Grey, a book that tells the Fifty Shades story from Christian Grey’s point of view rather than that of Anastasia Steele, E.L. James sat for a national Twitter exchange Monday at Granted the nature of Twitter’s shorthand volleys can lead to some spirited and humorous exchanges, but a good percentage of the folks who lobbed questions at E.L. James were a bit snarky to say the least. Twitter followers as much hoped the author would soon get writer’s block, took stabs at the shallow nature of The Fifty Shade characters (one writer compared Anastasia to a blow up doll) and quipped whether E.L. James suddenly wished Twitter came with a ‘safe word’ after all the attacks.

The End Of Marquis Magazine

Certainly, we see latex clothing pushing ever stronger into the mainstream these days. Phenomena like Fifty Shades Of Grey or even the latest outfit Kendall Jenner might be wearing gives alternate concerns/and couture ever greater attention…and as San Diego Comic-Con grows ever closer the world will be yet again get some good eye-candy view of hard working cosplayers (and we have just the jacket for it But for the most part ours is still a small community of folks, albeit a global one to be sure, who enjoy wearing latex clothing and attending events to show off and play. When one of our own closes shop, as Germany’s Marquis Magazine is, we all feel the repercussions.

The Mainstream Has Its Fifty Shades Of Fun While The Latex Fashionista Sits Back Bemused

Ellen DeGeneres trotted out another ‘homage’ to “Shades,” debuting a video clip of none other than Today show weather guy Al Rocker giving a weather report dressed in red nipple tassels, black leather shorts, a bondage harness and knee-high laced boots. Given the fact that DeGeneres works for the same network, that Roker-and the rest of his Today show hosts-are as much T.V. personalities as well as broadcasters and that DeGeneres pulled a Fifty Shades Of Dress-Up with Rocker’s fellow host Matt Lauer only a few days before, this all fit the theme and mood of what has been going on in and around the movie.

Constantly Considering Your Latex Wardrobe Groove

As these shots of our various Latexclothing will show, putting together an outfit, adding to your ‘look’, or even just fantasizing about what you want to wear, is something that can be easily pieced together (and to be sure, men’s clothing choices can be just as easily ‘considered’ from our wares ). These pictures were taken during the Montreal Fetish Weekend, where people were wearing/considering/enjoying their wardrobes to the fullest, utilizing the lovely model and woman-of-mystery Lalka Dollar Doll of Geneva Switzerland. Lalka walked for us for the debut of our Space & Time collection at MFW 2014 and Philip Faith, our photographer for these photos, has himself ‘considered’ many a fetish avant-garde pose and outfit in his celebrated career.

Valentine’s Day Latex

Yes, flowers and chocolate are all the rage on Feb. 14th (and usually overpriced for the day) and you will catch any number of couples scrambling for a table at their favorite bistro. But really, why not settle down (which most of us will be doing come the end of the evening anyway, no?) and unwrap yourself to reveal some couture that’s sure to get the blood pumping red, or present your lady with some under things you’d just love to see her in. Come on, we’re not above a little sexy talk and pricking of our naughty natures, there would be no way to sell latex and not admit to it being used as much to show-off at lifestyle events as for some decidedly naughty, even downright kinky play at times.

A Personal “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Movie Review

We’re all adults here, let’s speak plainly. There is a certain alternative lifestyle approach to wearing latex for lots of us who wear it. Within that lifestyle sometimes fits cosplay, role-play and fetish…among fashion and high couture wardrobe needs and wear. Yes, there are those of us who as much enjoy wearing something like our latex micro ruffle skirt (see here) as there are those of us who would want it lifted up ever so slowly to receive a right solid smack on the fanny while wearing it (of saints be praised, say it ain’t so!) Yes a long latex cape might just be the sexiest accessory you own, but it certainly can cut either quite the sub or dom look in how its worn. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson may not be anything like what you picture Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey to look like and the action in Fifty Shades far unlike anything you ever experienced (or simply not as intense) but let’s face it, for lots of us latex aficionados the happenings in E.L. James’ trilogy are not unknown to us, at least in concept, if not in actual practice.

Holiday Movie Kink Couture?

Still, with what we’ve seen from Madonna (throughout her career actually) or from Kim Kardashian or so many other stars of late, latex is alive and well and in the mainstream of fashion more then ever, So we can all sit back with a bucket of popcorn on our lap and enjoy our holiday movies this year, even if there isn’t exactly lots of latex in this recent offering.

The FETISH Subculture Documentary

Hoping to demystify fetishism by using the fetish community’s p.o.v. Carl’s documentary-which team Dawnamatrix is part of-is aimed to serve as “a first contact between the fetish world and the educated general public.” Begun in spring 2011 and completed this year, Carl truly lets the people in our community-models, designers, photographers, event producers, painters and filmmakers –speak for themselves about their lives, their ideas and their particular passions.

Dawnamatrix Classics

With all the kink that seems to be coming at us in mainstream culture of late, from celebrity wardrobes and certainly the buzz that Fifty Shades Of Grey birthed (the books then the movie) we realize more than ever before that there is a wide range of wares people could possibly want. Not everyone is familiar with or is looking to purchase jodhpurs or Ben Wa balls, so there has to be alternatives for those looking for alternatives, for the novice and even the well-seasoned fantasy fashionista. Yes, Victoria’s Secret has the angel wings, jewel-encrusted push-up bra contingent covered, still a good many of us want a simple naughty outfit or subtle accessory to add to a good old fashioned sexy wardrobe. We feel that these days, a designer who does what we do, need create outfits from the mild to the wild.

Miley Cyrus & Bondage Chic

Miley is a young woman seemingly hell bent on twerking her way to a Disney disconnect. We have all seen her consistent Instagram posts, her provocative (and very ‘stripped down’) videos and live performances, but this week the 21 year old singer sported a Tom Ford-designed creation of sheer top with crisscross sequin straps just covering her breasts and a long black skirt. Fashion fans and critics jumped on the look, describing the outfit as ‘bondage inspired’ (as if even any of us know what that means really) and Miley got tons of mileage from the pics of her at the event.
We have strategically strapped halters, revealing cleavage tops, and a goodly amount of sheer and transparent panels (see here , here and here) but we dare think that the fetish/kink/whatever-inspired seems to be is in the eye of the wearer when it comes to mainstream couture. Interestingly enough, at this same gala, fetish model queen Dita Von Teese was sporting a simple satin head-to-toe length satin gown with no hint of any alternative wardrob-ing. How’s that for fashion irony?