The Many Turns Of Dakota Johnson

Once again, there isn’t any latex wardrobe to be found, but one still has to love Dakota Johnson’s style of late. Not to sound too much like all those other places across the net where women are called out daily for what they are wearing. Still, one can’t help but notice the sexy variety in the outfits Johnson has worn during the past month while stepping out to promote her new movie, The Lost Daughter.

From the New York Film Festival premiere of the movie to the film’s London opening to earlier in the month stepping around to promote the film, the 31-year-old actress is cutting some great style. Rocking a Gucci sheer black lace corset top and leather pants, to a thinner-than-thin taupe-colored long sleeve dress that shimmered when she moved, to a see-through top with a long open front and leather pants (again), to sporting a shest (short-vest) under a long trench. The lady even hit the town in an haute couture champagne silk dress with bell sleeves, its most blog news-able feature a near butt-baring side slit.

Known for incendiary scenes (clothed and not) in her debut Fifty Shades of Grey, and wearing lingerie in her cameo for the movie she filmed this summer, The Nowhere Inn (see the trailer here), Dakota Johnson seems quite comfortable in all she wears. As she should, as the lady looks stunning in and out of her clothes in every possible way.

This new round of fashion statements began for the star, it seems, when she ‘attended’ the Gucci Aria collection’s digital screening in the spring. In that instance, Johnson wore a see-thru pink lace jumpsuit with matching bra and panties. Not soon after, Miss Johnson was seen at the infamous Venice Film Festival once again in a bra, this time under a blazer.

Wearing lingerie as outer wear, haute couture fashions or trending accessories like the shest, it is indeed fun following Dakota Johnson. 

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