Constantly Considering Your Latex Wardrobe Groove

_DSC5374fixwebCelebrating Valentine’s Day or the Fifty Shades of Grey film weekend-or both-might take one’s mind far from basic fashion needs. Sure, there are bound to be lots of red bows and lingerie, along with the chocolate, that might come in to play this weekend, and maybe 50 Shades will prompt you to a little exploring on this weekend where lovers are supposed to be closer than most. But let’s face it, even when big heartfelt celebrations are not upon us, or naughty movie premiers, we still have lots of concerns coming at us, big and small, daily. Even the most ardent fashionista might put aside wardrobe concerns for the moment or even foreseeable future. This is why we are forever prompting our friends and fans to come to Dawnamatrix, have a look around every now and again, and get one’s considering on.

As these shots of our various Latexclothing will show, putting together an outfit, adding to your ‘look’, or even just fantasizing about what you want to wear, is something that can be easily pieced together (and to be sure, men’s clothing choices can be just as easily ‘considered’ from our wares ). These pictures were taken during the Montreal Fetish Weekend, where people were wearing/considering/enjoying their wardrobes to the fullest, utilizing the lovely model and woman-of-mystery Lalka Dollar Doll of Geneva Switzerland. Lalka walked for us for the debut of our Space & Time collection at MFW 2014 and Philip Faith, our photographer for these photos, has himself ‘considered’ many a fetish avant-garde pose and outfit in his celebrated career.

The talents of photographer and model served us well here well believe in showing our Damask JacketLace Peplum Skirt, and Brocade Top._DSC5427fixweb

Any time is a good time to snuggle into something naughty/nice or just skin tight. And at all times you could be considering to do so with us.




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