Valentine’s Day Latex

Tina valentine latex-5Latex is love…or that’s at least how we see things here at Dawnamatrix. With you-know-what- celebration about to be upon us-no, not just the opening day of the “Fifty Shades Of Grey” film!-we have some scrumptious candy red latex couture on hand for Valentine’s Day.

As you see here from this shoot we had with photographer Paul Allan, starring model Tina Mari, (with Tina’s Hair/Makeup expertly applied by Sara Elizabeth) a high-waisted panty girdle and matching pasties with a delicate lace trim make for the perfect V-Day couture. Wrapped up in or without a bow, or anything much else over the top of these pieces, we are sure that this outfit, from our Dawnamatrix Romance set (see here would be sure to please, tease and appease.

Yes, flowers and chocolate are all the rage on Feb. 14th (and usually overpriced for the day) and you will catch any number of couples scrambling for a table at their favorite bistro. But really, why not settle down (which most of us will be doing come the end of the evening anyway, no?) and unwrap yourself to reveal some couture that’s sure to get the blood pumping red, or present your lady with some under things you’d just love to see her in. Come on, we’re not above a little sexy talk and pricking of our naughty natures, there would be no way to sell latex and not admit to it being used as much to show-off at lifestyle events as for some decidedly naughty, even downright kinky play at times.Tina valentine latex-6

We’re all adults here right?

Be assured, there are plenty of other latex goodies to be grabbed in our shop that could make your Valentine’s Day sizzle (see here for the full range of our range) for men and women both. And surely don’t rely on just one day of the year to make your latex presence known.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.Tina Valentine Latex-4

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