A Personal “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Movie Review

long_cape-681x10241-368x552Will it or won’t it? This is the big question be asked about the potential blockbuster Fifty Shades Of Grey movie opening Valentine’s weekend 2015. Will it or won’t it, live-up to our expectations? Will it or won’t it, be a true representation of the extremely popular book? Will it or won’t it…be hot? Fandango reported this week that pre-sales for the film make it the fastest-selling R-rated movie in Fandangos’ near twenty year history. And the trailer has certainly gotten a record amount of hits. It certainly seems lots of people want to have their own “Will it or wont it?” questions answered.

For those who enjoyed the E.L. James’ trilogy because it tickled open a world heretofore unknown in their experience, then a filmed reproduction of those scenes in the first book could be quite the visual treat. For those a little more seasoned with the comings and goings that the characters Anastasia and Mr. Grey ‘come’ and go over, the movie simply not be accurate to their experience. For those of us well-versed in fantasy dressing-up, the movie and book, well…

We’re all adults here, let’s speak plainly. There is a certain alternative lifestyle approach to wearing latex for lots of us who wear it. Within that lifestyle sometimes fits cosplay, role-play and fetish…among fashion and high couture wardrobe needs and wear. Yes, there are those of us who as much enjoy wearing something like our latex micro ruffle skirt (see here) as there are those of us who would want it lifted up ever so slowly to receive a right solid smack on the fanny while wearing it (of saints be praised, say it ain’t so!) Yes a long latex cape might just be the sexiest accessory you own, but it certainly can cut either quite the sub or dom look in how its worn, on a man or a woman. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson may not be anything like what you picture Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey to look like and the action in Fifty Shades far unlike anything you ever experienced (or simply not as intense) but let’s face it, for lots of us latex aficionados the happenings in E.L. James’ trilogy are not unknown to us, at least in concept, if not in actual practice.MicroRuffleSkirtMain1

Will or won’t the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie do it for you  then? What might your personal review be? I guess we all have to wait a month.

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