Rapper Wale, Collaborator Ashley Rose and a packed Cure Lounge Boston: The Amazing Latex & Lace Winter Fashion Show

10408661_10155324409920508_7339699868301224575_nWhen it comes to runway shows, couture outings, modeling and fashion events the road is littered with good intentions. As any designer well knows, it can be quite the journey from what we dream, to what we create to how it is all accepted-if it is at all-when we finally reveal our stitches, buttons and bows. Luckily in Dawnamatrix history we have only ever met the greatest people,  enjoyed the very best responses to our outfits and are forever remarking how much we can’t wait to get out and show-off our wares again and again. Such was the case at the Latex & Lace Winter Fashion Show this past weekend at Cure Lounge Boston.

The club was packed (always a good feeling) with lines around the block due to a surprise guest appearance by hip-hop recording artist Wale, our co-host for the evening. Wale has worked with Jay Z and Kayne and can boast (if he was that kind of a guy to do so) a rabid fan base. My collaborator for the event Ashley Rose Couture Designs and I couldn’t have been happier to have Wale there with us. His star presence really made the evening.

Once again we seemed to garner lots of attention and “ohh’s” and “ahh’s” from our Space & Time collection. The crowd was enchanted by our galaxy and butterfly latex (see pictures here; credit BmanPitt Photography) and each design drew stares, claps and flattering reviews. There is just something that seems to resonate with fantasy dressers with what we have created with this line; I am humbled that something we worked on for so hard and so long always seems to earn such positive feelings.1012975_10155324409855508_6407389908684881127_n

From the fantastic salon team at SHAG Boston and makeup team of Steffanie Strazzere, to the beautiful venue, electric crowd, supportive promotion, on-point DJ, beautiful professional models, Wale and the synergy of our mixing with Ashley Rose Couture Designs, everything came together in a most successful collaboration.

10382979_10100518291212068_2198527298792131781_nWe couldn’t have been happier with the Latex & Lace Winter Fashion Show.10887270_10152677340303107_4250553618727338081_o

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