The Business Of Latex Couture

But we are featured as one of three companies/groups/producers questioned, about the current state of advertising. YNOT wanted to know what we do, and for us particularly, how the mainstreaming of alternate haute couture has changed how we’ve approached business in the past few years.

Giles Walker Has Got A Lady For You

Creating latex outfits, some would say fetish clothing, certainly ‘alternate’ pieces, we come across a great variety of people wearing what they wear, as much for play as for work. From models cavorted across music videos to a super villain bending the comic world to her will, to even a stripper, we are as much interested in what someone might wear when it comes to their wardrobe (whether we have made that wardrobe or not) as what that person might do that shows off or employs that wardrobe. In the case of Giles Walker’s computer-controlled stripper robot, the lady in question isn’t wearing so very much, but what she is doing is interesting…as well as it might just be making quite the comment on society.

Glossy Legs And the Illusions of Color and Texture

What is painted across clothing or even how latex might be textured certainly and often influences our product and the people who buy it. In our daily rendering, the ‘brush’ of a certain texture we employ, certain colors we use, will come to set one piece or even a whole collection apart. Lots of fetish clothing employs illusions of color and cut to make things appear more revealing than they might be, or in some instances show something both wearer and viewer might not be so sure they are seeing. From custom made wear to right-of-the-rack stuff, we see our customers availing themselves of what color and texture can bring to their look time and again

Vancouver Fetish Weekend-Part 2

It’s true that alternate couture is a global pursuit. Even if we could exercise our most selfish business druthers we would still want to see a marketplace with all the latex designers presently available showing their wares across the net, at shows, and in stores. It’s a more-the-merrier atmosphere we have always felt and if you were to take a cross-section opinion from most designers, they’d admit they feel the same. Given this, we are still very proud to say we are an American-based (North Pacific America in fact) and were thrilled to share our designs with, as much as meet, all the fetish-y faithful from the area. Surely folks came from all over for the VFW, but there was no way ignore where we all were.

Seattle Fashion Week Photo Shoot By David M. Bailey Featuring Dawnamatrix Couture

We have been hearing only great things though about the upcoming Seattle Fashion Week. By all accounts and our sixth sense things are going to be a smashing success between October 13th and 19th this year. We have great confidence in the people organizing the event. Experience tells us that this will certainly prove to be the premier fashion happening for the north western part of the country. And we are tickled by all the other talent on the roster.

The 5th Annual New York Boylesque Festival

The names here read like a who’s who of male-burlesque and are sure to showcase some wild costume design…stuff surely be slipped out of, peeled off, ripped asunder in no time. Performers across both nights include Broody Valentino, James and the Giant Pasty Lucky Charming, and The GlaMonster, Boys’ Night: An All-Male Cirquelesque Revue, The Great Dubini, UmAShaAdow and Ray Valenz.

We Dare You To Watch Rihanna’s “Kiss Me Better” Video

Considering that we are bombarded with daily Instagram pics of naked women and men (A, B and even no-list celebrities); far and away from those years when Madonna was making waves with fetish clothing styling; Kardashians threatening to break the net almost every week and Rihanna herself having exposed herself plenty in sexy costume designs already, one wonders if the actual video here will have staying power beyond all the talk about it…before we even get to see it


Talk about one-of-a-kind super sexy art; modern burlesque maven, fetish supermodel, global fashion icon Dita Von Teese presents the final leg of her spectacular “BURLESQUE: STRIP, STRIP, HOORAY!” show. Coming to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York for a series of ending dates in September Dita presents a 90-minute show that features some of her most amazing numbers, plus MC Murray Hill and other burlesque stalwarts.

The Ever Popular Leopard Print Latex

As latex wearers as much as designers we want ever more captivating colors, luscious cuts and sexy styles and if and when we can manage them, certainly prints of outstanding quality and rendering across our latex. We seem to have hit on a very popular ‘trend’, something we certainly did not predict but are thrilled to exploit all the same, our Leopard Print Latex.

Guy Bourdin Pioneer

Working as we do all with tops in the field of latex & alt photography from Erik Von Gutenberg to Antonio Angelo to Mew-Chiel (to name but a few) a recent exhibition of Guy Bourdin reminds us once again of those who were pioneers in this field of fashion alternative images.
Guy Bourdin was a well known presence at French Vogue and the art world in general for four decades. Some of his rare works were on display at the tail end of this April at Paris Photo, L.A.’s, Louise Alexander gallery.