Vancouver Fetish Weekend-Part 2

IMG_2768So, back to what we were saying about runway events, latex clothing and all the great people we met at the Vancouver Fetish Weekend….

It’s true that alternate couture is a global pursuit. Even if we could exercise our most selfish business druthers we would still want to see a marketplace with all the latex designers presently available showing their wares across the net, at shows, and in stores. It’s a more-the-merrier atmosphere we have always felt and if you were to take a cross-section opinion from most designers, they’d admit they feel the same. Given this, we are still very proud to say we are an American-based company (Pacific Northwest region of America in fact) and we were thrilled to share our designs with, as much as meet, all the fetish-y faithful from the area. Surely folks came from all over for the VFW, but there was no way ignore where we all were.IMG_2770

That stunning locale became very important indeed for what was one of the unique adventures to happen during this 4th annual Vancouver Fetish Weekend. The VIP Fetish Cruise that was held on the Sunday following our fashion show saw wildly dressed people on a boat enjoying the scenery of the area!

The weekend began with a Kinky Cocktails Kickoff Party, a Scarlet Harlots Ball, the Fantasy Fetish Ball the next night-after-parties of course-then that cruise with a tantalizing and teasing players’ ball ending the entire event. Bondage furniture and play areas were donated by the likes of local kinksters like Metro Vancouver Kink, Sin City Fetish Night, Club Eden, with sounds by the likes of DJ Pandemonium and DJ Evilyn13, to name but a few.

IMG_2771Have a look here at some behind-the-scene shots of our models Kerri Taylor, Evilyn 13, Lacy Black, Jordan, Levi, Sly Foxx, Chadlee Walters, Lizbit, Holy Scar, Curtis, Audrey Hipturn, and Ron Wear. We really can’t wait ’til next year!







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