Creating Video: With Porcelain and Sierra McKenzie and Henry Vance

Yes, we certainly all realize that alternative and sexy styles, from PVC, rubber clothing, lingerie and latex outfits have been all the rage throughout the history of the music video…as have been the plethora of attractive women wearing these clothes. But in the case of the video collaboration we managed with Seattle models Porcelain and Sierra McKenzie, filmed by Henry Vance, we were all making something that certainly displayed our creations, as much as the women wearing them, with a specific Pacific Northwest feel.

It’s not often that Dawnamatrix participates in video collaboration. Surely we have supplied plenty of our wardrobe pieces to video in the past, but to have the clothes so prominently featured, in such a luscious production, was wonderful. As we prepare for Seattle Fashion week, we feel an even deeper connection to our surroundings ‘up here’ and sometimes the tumblers do fall into place as your work as much creates something you are so proud of, as speaks directly to what you are/where you might be presently.


As we have written about before, Seattle Fashion Week is sure to bring in designers and fashionistas from all over. But there is no mistaking that a goodly amount of us come from this region, work, play and are influenced by where we live, and that the gathering of the haute couture tribe will reveal our true love of this beautiful area we live in.

Just like we feel the Vance video here does as well.

There is the sexy techno beat God’s Deathtrap Remix of Die Antwoord’s “I Fink You Freeky,” a kaleidoscopic overlay of images, inside and out provocation from the ladies and the matching of fur shrugs over both our high waisted panties in one scene and a catsuit in another (and a truly dangerous image of one of the ladies walking round in a gown from our Space & Time Collection, brandishing an axe.)

It is those outside scenes that bring to mind our environs especially, but as you will see, the indoor stuff is hot as hell too!


Thank you to Porcelain and Sierra McKenzie and Henry Vance for such a stunning collaboration.

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