Seattle Fashion Week Photo Shoot By David M. Bailey Featuring Dawnamatrix Couture

Dawnamatrix_Latex_Fashion_SFW1It’s true that when we go to show-off our latex couture, participate in runway shows, gather some models together for a fetish clothing event, or traipse off to some faraway (or even close) locale for a fashion show weekend, we don’t always know what we are stepping into. Surely, you can read about an upcoming get-together across various social media portals, amass some pre-show intelligence, maybe even sniff-out some sense about how well organized the organizers of an event might turn out to be. In our experience though, it’s not until the curtain rises-as it were-that designers, models, photographers, event staff, performers and attendees (and even in many cases those organized organizers) have any real idea what’s going to happen. And even in the middle of something going swimmingly, things can veer off for heretofore unimagined paths…for good or for bad.

We have been hearing only great things though about the upcoming Seattle Fashion Week. By all accounts (and the tingling of our sixth sense) it feels like things are going to be a smashing success between October 13th and 19th this year. We have great confidence in the people organizing the event. Experience tells us that this will certainly prove to be the premier fashion happening for the north western part of the country. And we are tickled by all the other talent on the roster.Dawnamatrix_Latex_Fashion_SFW2

Yes, we are looking forward to SFW, as we have noted in previous blogs.

Just this week we were treated to the results of the latest promo photo shoot for Seattle Fashion Week, a photo shoot that featured some Dawnamatrix designs. Creative Director Nazy Alvarez chose some of our more clean-cut, high fashion looks for this stylish shoot, photographed by David M. Bailey.

The models here, Taryn Butcher and Grigore Stanila, come across sleek and stunning in our Damask Vest. Speedy Buttondown   Flare Jacket, and Classic Mermaid Gown. We think these beautiful shots, with hair by Kimberly Davis & Vann Edge Salon, and makeup by Dakita Gaspaire, speak to the creativity and professionalism we are sure to find at the upcoming Seattle Fashion Week.


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