dita pinkTalk about one-of-a-kind super sexy art; modern burlesque maven, fetish supermodel, global fashion icon Dita Von Teese presents the final leg of her spectacular “BURLESQUE: STRIP, STRIP, HOORAY!” show. Coming to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York for a series of ending dates in September Dita presents a 90-minute show that features some of her most amazing numbers, plus MC Murray Hill and other burlesque stalwarts.

Dita’s “Bird of Paradise” piece features the comely brunette perched inside a posh gilded Victorian birdcage. For this number Dita is dressed in an extraordinary costume of beautifully curved fuchsia feathers. In the show she also features her Swarovski “Martini Glass” act which Dita calls her “ultimate, most decadent, and dazzling martini glass ever!” Dressed in an haute couture tuxedo by Alexis Mabille, Von Teese strips to reveal a custom-made corset and Christian Louboutins.

We’re familiar with corsets being custom made ourselves, see our Leopard Cincher for an example.

Audiences also delight over the “Rhinestone Cowgirl” act which sees Dita ‘dressed to ride’ in head-to-toe pink Swarovski crystals, twirling sparkling guns. Her lavish “Opium Den” ultimate finale sees Dita adopt the role-play of a smoldering and exotic ‘dragon lady’ resplendent in trailing Swarovski crystal draping a Cheongsam-inspired outfit with long gleaming crystal tassels.

See some of our Cheongsam-inspired outfits here: Dragon Minidress and China Dress.

Performers Dirty Martini, Catherine D’lish, Perle Noire, Selene Luna, Monsieur Romeo, and Lada Nikolska of the Crazy Horse Paris who performs the iconic Parisian cabaret’s act “Leçon d’Erotisme, are on the bill as well.

We had a semi ‘1 degree of separation’ with the wonderful Miss Von Teese when she appeared as the cover story (and model) of Marquis Magazine #50 while we had a spread in the same issue of our latex kimonos. Any time we can even get that close to Dita we are happy…as we are reporting this latest last part of her tour.

Going to www.Stripstriphooray.com will get you all the info for this very special show from mistress-of-her-domain Dita Von Teese. Your chances are dwindling to catch a true master performer bringing to life an art form almost all but lost to the few who can still manage to appreciate it.

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