Glossy Legs And the Illusions of Color and Texture

shiny-legsAkin to the big debate over color the net engaged in over Caitlin McNeill’s #TheDress back in February of last year (no, not a latex dress) the latest picture surfacing across the net to cause such debate is of ‘glossy’ legs.

The picture here that has been blowing-up Instagram and Twitter was posted by “leonardhosepams.” It reveals very long bare thighs jutting forward from a self-POV, the gams in question sporting was has been called, “impossible glossiness.” The lady’s legs here were not actually polished, though, as it was revealed after much debate that they are simply painted with well-placed thin streaks of white paint. In a clear case maybe of people needing a new conundrum in their life to debate, the photo, put up in September, caused a viral back and forth until just recently when the true culprit of the shine was revealed.

What is painted across clothing or even how latex might be textured certainly and often influences our product and the people who buy it. In our daily rendering, the ‘brush’ of a certain texture we employ, certain colors we use, will come to set one piece or even a whole collection apart. Lots of fetish clothing employs illusions of color and cut to make things appear more revealing than they might be, or in some instances show something both wearer and viewer might not be so sure they are seeing. From custom made wear to right-of-the-rack stuff, we see our customers availing themselves of what color and texture can bring to their look time and again.

Latex fashion design is contingent upon all of this and more. We are constantly reminded to look through the luscious colorful sheeting companies like Yummy Gummy provide us, to explore different textures as well as new designs for our brand new collections like our just released Waterproof clothing and to yes, even roll round the net to see what everyone is seeing…or not seeing.

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