The Ever Popular Leopard Print Latex

Leopard High Waisted Panty GirdleThere just seems to be something about our Leopard Print Latex that makes it one of our best sellers. We stock this uniquely printed material from manufacturer RuBear of Russia, a company that adds the leopard print at the time of manufacturing, actually embedding it in the latex. Where other designers often screen print patterns onto their latex-where the print can and often does rub off- the RuBear leopard print is part of the latex, staying forever as perfect as when you first buy it.

As in any business in fashion there is no accounting for, or second-guessing trends. Any designer who tries to create what they think the public want will end up chasing their tail…and probably going broke in the process. Working in a niche market of couture as we do, predicting a style coming down the pike would do us no good so we simply need to follow what interests us at any given time and hope that what we like and want connects with what our customers in turn like and want. And though Dawnamatrix certainly has quite a connection to Kimono design, have more or less made a name for ourselves in the latex fashion industry at the very least because of that Kimono interest, we also create pieces influenced by the world around us and certainly from the feedback we get from our customers.

As latex wearers as much as designers we want ever more captivating colors,  luscious cuts and sexy styles and if and when we can manage them, certainly prints of outstanding quality and rendering across our latex. We seem to have hit on a very popular ‘trend’, something we certainly did not predict but are thrilled to exploit all the same, our Leopard Print Latex.Leopard Print Latex

In the pictures here you see model Roswell Ivory wearing our  Leopard Vintage Bra, Leopard High Waisted Panty Girdle and also our Textured Wristlets  . The pieces show-off our Shanghai Snow Leopard design, with silky smooth pearl white for the base color and rich golden tone in the center of each black spot.

All expertly photographed by Rob Hill 


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