A Latex Wedding-Part 2, Pre & Post The Wedding And Reception

So, let’s talk about pre and post-wedding latex wear. Yes, we will get to the wedding night, but if you can stay salivating for the moment 😊, let’s first address the pre-wedding possibilities, in the form of the bachelorette party and the after-wedding party. Ever more complicated and longer than a traditional girl-only bar-hopping evening or tea-time afternoon, bachelorette …


A Happy Dawnamatrix Halloween

With the ultimate dress-up day a mere four days away, let’s consider, latex couture and your Halloween dressing-up.

In Britain The Mini Skirt Endures

Although there was no latex couture mentioned, according to a brand-new UK poll, denim jackets, knee-high boots, and even the classic leather biker jacket made a top ten list of most iconic fashion trends. What was #1? The mini skirt. In this study published at The Sun, two thousand British folks were asked to list …


Working At The Atlanta Movie Studios

Making the headway we have in latex couture production, as much in fashion circles, as with bespoke orders and in various media, we are tickled pink to report moving ever further costuming for television and movie production. We’re not at liberty to reveal what show it is we are presently working on (you’ll be the …


The DawnamaTrix ‘Black Friday through Cyber Monday Holiday Sale’

Joining in on all the mayhem and madness that is shopping this time of year, Dawnamatrix is offering a massive sale on our latex couture…right now! Our Black Friday through Cyber Monday Holiday Sale is live, and we invite you to check out all we are offering at our site: https://dawnamatrix.com/ All you need do is …


The Dawnamatrix Cyber Monday Sale

All catalog items are being offered at 20% off, just enter CYBER when ordering (this sale doesn’t include custom orders.) Is it time you bolstered your fantasy wardrobe with gloves, pasties or any number of other accessories? Maybe you’ve had your eye on one of our unique latex kimonos, or are planning holiday festivities you absolutely need a new catsuit for. How about surprising that special someone with latex lingerie (for you or them) for a truly unique holiday surprise? Whatever your want, whatever you’ve been dreaming of, this will be the very best day to grab it from Dawnamatrix.