The Dawnamatrix Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale-01Did you brave the cold weather (if you happen to live on the North East) huddling round a Dunkin Donuts take-out waiting in line early Friday morning for your favorite retailer to open? Or maybe you turned down the evening turkey sandwiches and second helping of pumpkin pie to venture out to Target or Walmart on Thanksgiving eve to get in on the sales before Black Friday. Well, when it comes to grabbing latex couture at great savings you need not worry about having to even leave your house, as the Dawnamtarix Cyber Monday sale starts now.

All catalog items are being offered at 20% off, just enter CYBER when ordering (this sale doesn’t include custom orders.) Is it time you bolstered your fantasy wardrobe with gloves, pasties or any number of other accessories? Maybe you’ve had your eye on one of our unique latex kimonos, or are planning holiday festivities you absolutely need a new catsuit for. How about surprising that special someone with latex lingerie (for you or them) for a truly unique holiday surprise? Whatever your want, whatever you’ve been dreaming of, Monday will be a great day to grab it from Dawnamatrix.

Don’t forget to search out our exclusive collections, from Steampunk wear to our Textured Latex.  Search through our newest Space and Time pieces as well…we are very proud of them. We are sure there will be something among all the dresses, corsets, pants, hoods and catsuits to tickle your fancy…at a jaw dropping 20% off during our Cyber Monday.

Very soon life is going to get very wacky with the onrush of our holidays: the gift buying and visiting, the parties, trying to park at the mall. Why not sit back tomorrow with a cup of coffee (or a stiff drink) and treat yourself or go a’holiday gift buying through the full Dawnamatrix catalogue…for a one-day 20% off sale.

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