In Britain The Mini Skirt Endures

Although there was no latex couture mentioned, according to a brand-new UK poll, denim jackets, knee-high boots, and even the classic leather biker jacket made a top ten list of most iconic fashion trends.

What was #1?

The mini skirt.

In this study published at The Sun, two thousand British folks were asked to list their favorite fashion accessories or wardrobe pieces. Tie-dye tees made the list, as did “shell suits” from the 1980s and even flapper dresses from the beginning of the last century. Cowboy boots and shoulder pads were included too. But the mini skirt reigned supreme in research conducted by Samsung; the company is celebrating the launch of its Samsung AirDresser with this light and breezy fun poll.

Fashion, indeed a cyclical beast, certainly sees many old styles come round and round. In fact, in this poll, 2/5ths of what was noted as “essential items” were pieces from past styles and trends, such as those tie-dyed shirts and vintage flapper dresses.

The LBD also made the list, at #2.

Iconic fashion pieces, sexy short skirts, slick leather jackets, boots of all imaging (and material), repurposing accessories, or even textiles from years gone by, with a little imagining of a few forgotten pieces in your wardrobe, so much can be created. We find new trends, technologies and materials, from e-textiles to 3D printing as much influence what we do as considering haute couture from decades ago. As these Brits, everybody everywhere really, we all know that some staples remain in our closets that stand the test of time. A good old latex body suit or any one of various latex lingerie items have been popular since we began Dawnmatrix, and will always be among our best sellers.

And yes, the latex mini skirts we sell have also always done a brisk business.

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