Welcome to The vision of Chromatica

It seems for this week, at least, we won’t be able to get past the latex, futuristic sharp-edge styling and powerful sound of Lady Gaga’s new Chromatica. “A Star Is Born,” diva broke her 6th album just yesterday, and the world she presents this time, is populated by “kindness punks” where “no one thing is greater than another.” And to this music vision, as always, Lady Gaga has given the world another wild look, again with the help of her fashion director Nicola Formichetti.

Surely, we were like everyone else on the planet, awaiting what Lady Gaga was going to come up with for Chromatica; music and fashion both. As one sees in the videos so far released for the album and from the album’s cover, the mother of all Little Monsters is approaching her post-apocalyptic warrior chic in a way none of us could have predicted.

On the stunning cover of the album, Formichetti and stylist Marta del Rio placed Gaga in a leather armor bodice, arm extension, clawed fingers, and two different boots, one with a knife blade heel the other sporting a giant horn. The bionic leg piece, bodice, and arm piece came from Spanish artist Cecilio Castrillo. He’s worked with Madonna and Brooke Candy, to name a few, and is known for avant-garde masks, and fetish accessories. The horned boot came from designer Gasoline Glamour and sports Swarovski rhinestones. The claws, which are seen on this cover as much as in the videos supporting Chromatica, were made by Gary Fay Creations, who has worked with Gaga previously.

The complete and unique haute couture is pure perfect Gaga.

“My name isn’t Alice. But I’ll keep looking for Wonderland.” Lady Gaga sings on the opening track of her new album. And she seems to have found yet another wonderful land of fashion creation with the formidable creative talent around her. 

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