Lady Gaga & Ariana grande Make it rain

Have you seen the latex costuming in Lady Gaga’s duet with Ariana Grande, on the video clip for Rain On Me,? Better yet, have you seen the two divas leading a ‘live’ weather report, called “Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Are The Chromatica Weather Girls”? 

Here’s the first:

Here’s the second:

The bespoke latex outfits the ladies wear in the video for Rain On Me, a clip “dropped” last week, was designed by Laura Pulice, of Vex. As you see, at the start of the video, Gaga sports a pink and black latex bodysuit, with a single-sleeve top. Grande wears her own bodysuit, a black sleeveless one, with matching latex skirt and silver wings. Surely, there’s a ton of latex accessorizing with their boots and heels, Grande wearing long unstructured separate latex sleeves, and as you’d expect for a video like this, on lots of their sexy background dancers. Later on in the clip, the women change into a pink bodysuit (Gaga), and white flared skirt and halter top (Grande) sporting clunky heel big silver boots. Gaga also accessorizes halfway through with some thin chains. She also manages to pluck a knife out of her thigh, trying to avoid the rain of knives coming down around her.

Pulice claims she was especially “pushing the design of latex clothing in the future” for the video, and for this, we are all eternally grateful, of course.

In the minute-long mock weather forecast clip, we see both women under Weather Channel umbrellas, while being rained on. Here Gaga wears outrageous pink and white sunglasses, a pink straight-haired wig, white bodysuit with shoulder spikes, and see-through skirt and long sleeve gloves. Grande is in a more sedate haute couture, wearing a pretty black and white short dress. The women split the screen for most of the clip and manage to say the words “rain on me,” to make the connection with their duet and to push Lady Gaga’s new and 6th album Chromatica, which will be released in two days. 

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