A Happy Dawnamatrix Halloween

With the ultimate dress-up day a mere four days away, let’s consider, latex couture and your Halloween dressing-up.

Starting from the outside in.

No adult trick-or-treater should leave home this weekend (or even stay at home for a socially distanced get together) without some alternative outerwear. It’s so much more provocative to slowly reveal one’s couture when one can flip off a coat or cape. Two latex wardrobe pieces that instantly come to mind for this purpose are our Victorian Riding Jacket,  snuggling curves to expert design, or a must for vampires everywhere, a long black latex cape.

For men, starting with the latex couture classic Straight Leg Trousers can never steer you wrong.  And an all-purpose Grid Vest can be mixed and matched with just about anything…or nothing at all.

Women, when it comes to latex couture for sexy dress-up or Halloween mixing and matching, the possibilities are damn near limitless. This year, it’s been reported that sexy costume supplier Yandy has culled through what has been called their culturally inappropriate choices, beaten back some of their overt naughty offerings. But you can delve deep with us for still sexy items and stay within the bounds of good taste.

The creative lady can start with simple staples like our Sleeveless Latex Bodysuit, Liquid Leggings, a cropped shirt, or even a garter belt (useful surely for any day or night beyond Halloween). One could also pick from our array of latex skirts, dresses, or pants. And as Halloween is the perfect time of year to show a little more of one’s self than usual (“It’s part of the costume,” you can defend) latex lingerie accessories like a high waisted panty, or a Vintage Underwire Bra, are ripe for the picking. Depending on how daring one is dressing, a pair of latex pasties could be on your list as well.

And yes, a good old hood or even a bow tie could complete an ensemble.

Whether you are wearing latex, leather, lingerie, or some other combination of materials, even in the face of this most unusual Halloween, we wish you all the very best dressing-up and safe trick-or-treating.

And when appropriate, certainly sexy costume revealing.

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