Oh No, Noah Cyrus!

There are those moments when an outfit, be it leather, latex, or a combination of the two (or other materials), garners enough attention that the wardrobe and the wearer are all anyone can talk about. And this week, singer Noah Cyrus realized just how much talk she could engender with what she wore when performing at the 2020 CMT Music Awards.

Miley’s younger sister sang the song “This Is Us,” alongside (although socially distanced) from co-singer Jimmie Allen, and the brouhaha is over the outfit she wore during this moment. Noah was wearing a ‘nude’ bodysuit, (although seemingly made of a rather thick material actually) featuring a sparkling rhinestone thong and bikini top. Seeing as it was the Country Music Awards, the 20-year-old singer accessorized her outfit with thigh-high white boots, matching long white gloves, and a large white cowboy hat. The hat also sported rhinestones.

Allen wore leather pants, and a shimmery jacket over a black tee. 

Earlier, Cyrus strutted across the event’s red carpet styled by Phil Gomez. For this entrance, she wore a denim jacket, crop top, and high-waisted jeans. But it was her bodysuit that brought her criticism of being too sexy for this particular music award show. 

Noah tweeted back with a “my body, my choice” rejoinder.

Showing-off our latest, wildest, and sexiest wardrobe among people who are doing the same will always ensure certain safety numbers. But just like Noah learned this week, there is still a ‘time and a place’ consideration to what we all wear…double-standard and Puritan though it may be. Stepping out to the store in a pair of thigh-high leather boots or a latex mini (guy or gal) might still engender a stare or two. And as Noah Cyrus learned this week, showing lots of oneself, even during a modern music award show, is just too much for some.

Then again, dressing this way during these intensely viewed moments does award one with lots of attention.

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