The DawnamaTrix ‘Black Friday through Cyber Monday Holiday Sale’

Joining in on all the mayhem and madness that is shopping this time of year, Dawnamatrix is offering a massive sale on our latex couture…right now! Our Black Friday through Cyber Monday Holiday Sale is live, and we invite you to check out all we are offering at our site:

All you need do is enter code THANKS2019 at checkout for 20% off all catalog items through December 2nd. These include wardrobe pieces and full alternative fashions from our collections, like “Space & Time” or various Bridal couture and Steampunk variations. Then there are the many accessories like gloves, hoods and of course the wide variety of latex lingerie that seems so especially popular to give (and get) as gifts this time of year.

Yes, there is something to be said for being out among the stop-and-go traffic, mall crowds, and imbibing the smells and sights of post-Thanksgiving shopping (see this video of Black Friday, 2019). There is a particular kinetic fun jumping into that frustrating fray trying to get your shopping done. But there are equally lots to be said (maybe even more so) about sitting back spinning your cursor across your laptop or flicking through your phone, in a pair of pajamas, sipping tea and buying all you need (with a 20% discount!) and not ever having to leave the house.

As our customers come to us through our web portal, we knew how important it was to redesign the Dawnamatrix website before the holiday shopping season (which we recently did). And we also understand how it matters to shoppers to get a little something extra this weekend especially. We invite you to enjoy the updated galleries, the easier access, and what we feel is the very best shopping facility we have yet offered…and our holiday discount.

Please note, the Dawnamatrix Black Friday through Cyber Monday Holiday Sale excludes custom designs. 

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