Heidi Klum’s Good Humor

Considering all the serious stuff we are currently living through and the fact that Heidi Klum has a bottom that most people don’t mind seeing in any stage of dress (or undress) the fact that she’s taken to this flashing with such aplomb made the moment endearing.

Halloween Heidi (KLUM), 2019

For all of us, regular folks, even budding fetish fashionistas, the latex, lace, PVC, and all manner of Halloween styles will be unveiled tomorrow. The celebrities in our universe, though, get to it a bit earlier, most starting last weekend, Friday, 10/25. At the many see-and-be-scenes, our best and brightest were out and about Instagramming …


Halloween Costume Marvel: Heidi Klum As Princess Fiona

It’s as hard to get past Halloween without some latex accessory or a carved pumpkin, as it is not mentioning what Heidi Klum wore. The supermodel’s annual Halloween party is infamous for celebrities coming out dressed in all their finest Halloween frockery. But it’s most famous for Klum revealing her yearly pulling-out-all-the-stops over-the-top amazing costume concoction.

Heidi Klum Thrills For Halloween

Once again though celebrities seemingly out did us all…or just got lots of press and Instagram pictures over what they wore. Kim Kardashian managed to pull off a spot-on Cher, and daytime talk show host Wendy Williams dressed as the Statue of Liberty (and fainted live on her show overcome by the heat of the costume). But Heidi Klum out-celeb-ed her fellows, as she seems to do every year, in a perfect recreation of an iconic get-up.

Heidi Klum’s ‘Conceited’ Costume Design

This year we pretty much got Heidi Klum as Heidi Klum, just that there were a lot of them (her). Wearing identical costume design of nude thigh-high boots, body suits and gold, the same long wavy locks, make-up, hair and nails done all together to look alike…and prosthetics, Heidi and five of her clones went as Heidi Klum to the party.

After Halloween

We will be sure to post those Hello Kitty pics, expound on the EMP show, write about Heidi Klum’s amazing Jessica Rabbit Halloween outfit and also get into all that’s happening now that we hurtled Halloween and get into what is sure to be a crazy-but fun-holiday season.

Heidi Klum Spreads Her Butterfly Wings

Klum’s annual bash, this year presented at Tao Nightclub on Halloween night, is a must-be-seen-scene. Completely covering herself in blue and green, Klum sported an impressive semi-opaque wing span and antennas for this once-a-year bash that always seems to make the big blogs’ lists. And while 2014’s All Hallows saw Kim Kardashian sporting a body suit with a skeleton design rendered across it (reminding us of our own Cthulhu Catsuit), Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady headed out with their kids as a dragon family and Katy Pery managed to step out as a rather unimpressive Cheeto®, when it comes to celebs dressing as butterflies this year we were particularly interested. Butterfly’s lighted on our new Space and Time Collection, represented in a new bodysuit, corset, skirt and vest. It’s a style that interests more than just supermodels for Halloween.