Heidi Klum’s ‘Conceited’ Costume Design

heidi-klum-halloween-2016-frontPost the sexy witches, the latex catsuit wearing cats, the cosplay superhero showing off…and all that candy, once again we were treated to the all-important Halloween query: “What Did Heidi Klum wear?” The German supermodel has been known throughout this decade to sport some amazing costumes for her annual party in NYC. From a black latex-and-lace, bicep collar (as well as actual collar) black hair Goth get-up at the turn of the century, a bloody Lady Godiva the year after (not naked though she wore a white leotard) while sitting atop a horse; as an apple when she was pregnant in 2006, as Kali, an ape and last year as Jessica Rabbit, in an outfit that took her 9 hours to make, Klum always makes the holiday special.

This year we pretty much got Heidi Klum as Heidi Klum, just that there were a lot of them (her). Wearing identical costume design of nude thigh-high boots, body suits and gold, the same long wavy locks, make-up, hair and nails done all together to look alike…and prosthetics, Heidi and five of her clones went as Heidi Klum to the party.

It was a grand take of the old axiom ‘Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.’ Heidi just did it, again and again and again.

Surely she is not the only game in town, and there were celebrity bashes happening on the West Coast from the likes of George Clooney and his tequila partners Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman in a private bash. But with DJ Questlove spinning the music down at NYC’s Vandal, celebs like Ice T, Jacki Cruz, and Serena Williams (to name but a few) showing, Klum’s 17th annual bash certainly made news. When Klum finally, revealed her doppelgängers to her surprised guests-and all across social media-at midnight, the lady had yet again made All Hallow’s history.heidi-klum-backside-halloween-2016


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