Kaley Cuoco, Riding Crops, Fishnets and a Bared Breast

big-bang-theory-kaley-cuoco-red-corsetNever let it be said we might not be treated to latex clothing, rubber accessories or some bondage wear on prime time T.V. Just last week, none other than Kaley Cuoco, streetwise “Penny” of Big Bang Theory fame was featured, with her hubby on the show Johnny Galecki who plays “Leonard,” dressed in a red corset, little black shorts, hat and fishnets…brandishing a riding crop. The couple had fashioned a make-shift dungeon much to “Sheldon’s” surprise when he walked in on them.

What Cuoco has and hasn’t been wearing has made quite a bit of news of late. She infamously bared her breast (with a heart emoji discreetly covering most of it) in a Snapchat pic that just went viral. This latest sexy turn on the super popular sitcom certainly adds to the fascination fans of all stripes have for Kaley Cuoco (a few years back the net went wild when she decided to change her hair’s length and style for the show).

For fans of cosplay, comic book guys (and girls), self-appointed ‘geeks’-and quite a bit of the public-seem to love the interaction between all the characters of Big Bang Theory. The show truly fires on all pistons though when ‘the guys’ (scientists and pro typical nerds) interact with the women on the show…Cuoco’s “Penny” being the sassiest lady of the bunch. Cuoco’s Penny is an especially delicious character as her lesser education is in perfect contrast to the bookish intelligence of her apartment house mates (though she boasts much more worldly knowledge) and terrible driving skills, financial problems, and a love for a libation or two are constant comic go to’s.

Penny is also an aspiring actress, though always seeming to fall far from her goals, working at The Cheesecake Factory instead. Though she earned major ‘nerd’ street cred appearing in the fictional indie horror films on the show, “Ape-ist” and its sequal “Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill.” The conceit here is that Penny not only turns into an ape, but appears naked in a shower scene…her fans’ best dream made real: sci-fic and female nudity!

Might we see Cuoco or any other Big Bang Theory cast member in fetish clothing again?643586_kaley-cuoco

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