After Halloween

Marquis 64Truly, Halloween is not just a blast for those of us wearing/making latex clothing. The fallout can be heavy…and not just because we’ve eaten a little too much candy and are ever too bloated to slip into our catsuit. Just think about how much we all might learn of usually mild-mannered couples when they attend parties dressed in makeshift cosplay. Or how much our wardrobe might be forever effected by what we slip into, and come to love of a material we might not normally enjoy.

For us, there was much going on for Halloween (and yes, we ate too much candy!), as it now seems there will be after.

Team Dawnamatix attended the EMP Museum Halloween party-dressed as latex “Coneheads,” and this very same museum has a Hello Kitty exhibition opening next week, where you-know-who will be showing-up to ‘represent’ in a latex Hello Kitty Dress.LatexHelloKittyKimono-730x1024

The Halloween costumes we made (see images below) were all custom designed using 4D latex rendered to our customer’s measurements. We were thrilled to have everything come out as well as it did….as many designers of alternative wear know, Halloween is one of the great high-water marks of the designing year, certainly more ‘mainstream’ then those other events we fantasy-wear aficionados attend and show-off at during the year.

Also, you’ll notice a picture of the cover of Marquis Magazine 64 at the beginning of this blog. The relaunch of the infamous latex magazine sees the new issue hitting stands next Friday, and as you see Dawnamatrix made the cover for a fetish fashion feature inside.

It’s wonderful to see such an old friend of the latex/alternative costuming community resurrected…and to be in this first ‘new’ issue.

We will be sure to post those Hello Kitty pics, expound on the EMP show, write about Heidi Klum’s amazing Jessica Rabbit Halloween outfit and also get into all that’s happening now that we hurtled Halloween and get into what is sure to be a crazy-but fun-holiday season.



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