Prada, Madonna, a little Lick & Kacey Musgraves?

Here’s another round-up of latex, leather, runway, celebrity stylings from recent postings and happenings. We are not even into the second week of the New Year, and there is so much to feast our eyes and ears on.

What’s Batgirl Going To Be Wearing?

This latest photo of Batgirl, posted from Glasgow, also showed Batgirl wearing goggles, the first time we have seen this accessory yet.

Moon Knight!

Marc Spector/aka Moon Knight, suffers from multiple personality disorders and other mental illnesses and in the comics about him, his costumes have mirrored that fracture.

Ronnie Spector

When we saw The Shirelles walk on stage with their wide party dresses, we went in the opposite direction and squeezed our bodies into the tightest skirts we could find.

Katy Perry’s “When I’m Gone” Costuming

When I’m Gone is undoubtedly not the first time Katy Perry has brought alternate costuming, a thrumming danceable beat, lyrics of empowerment, a bunch of dancers, and her ultra-sexy self to the fore.

Cultural couture 2021

Lil Nas X’s trotted out blood red and black latex, leather, and smoking hot dancing for his “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and Camila Cabello’s super colorful, sometimes 70’s style-vibe in “Don’t Go Yet.”

New Year, New Styles, New Latex?

At Dawnamatrix, we’ve upgraded our laser cutter, so we look forward to showing you a new collection in 2022, and as always, we are always looking to reach out beyond and above all we can imagine.