Dawnamatrix @ The Fralin Museum

The pictures you see here were taken from a Dawnamatrix fashion show a couple of weeks ago, held at the Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia.

Two Weeks Away From The World Of Wearable Art

As always, there’s lots going on at WOW, beyond just us competing with another of our latex outfits. While the show is stunning, what the presenters manage as much preshow to during it, above and beyond the alternate runaway event, music, and dance, is always top notch and so interesting. Two weeks away now, The …


World of WearableArt “Up Close” Opens

Assessing what we learn from the pandemic, there are sure to be wholly new designs across the art world that surface. Certainly, latex fashions, cosplay, leather wardrobes, fetish gear will survive the current hiccup in our history in their way. Once again, we thank the World of WearableArt for doing their unique and very best championing this survival.

Part 4: The New Year (and DEcade) @ Dawnamatrix

In the last few blogs we gave forth, on what passed by us in 2019 and during the past decade, in latex design and fashion culture, in general. It’s certainly a matter of personal conjecture what will hit, what will die, what will circle round again, and what might be coming for the future in …


World Of Wearable Art U.S. Embassy Video

Winning with your latest latex couture creation reaps multiple benefits when that win happens to come at WOW. As we have seen now for the past three years in a row, having competed in the World Of Wearable Art event and come away with awards each time, the New Zealand mainstay global fashion meet maintains a strong …


The World Of Wearable Art…Yet Again

The attention and accolades we continue to enjoy with our latex outfits winning at WOW are amazing. The links below take you to the latest in World of Wearable Art news where Dawnamatrix was lucky enough to be featured in some way.

WOW, New Zealand and Gemini: The Twins

For three years in a row, we have been honored to have won awards at WOW and two of those three years, the first and this last one, Ben and I traveled to New Zealand. As we have always found both times visiting, New Zealand is just so wonderful and the capital city, where WOW is held, Wellington, so welcoming to WOW.

2019 To WOW Us All

At the end of the year most of us come into a reflective mood, as reflective as a beGloss-lubed latex catsuit. Looking to 2019, one can’t help but consider 2018, and in the mix and match-up of what passed in a seeming blur of 12 months, Dawnamatrix has enjoyed another fantastic year. We spread our …


Dawnamatrix Wins At WOW…Again!

Once again latex couture is being celebrated. For the 2nd year in a row, Dawnamatrix has won prizes and placement in The WORLD OF WEARABLE ART competition, and we are beside ourselves with the honor.

The WOW Museum

The WOW showcase, entitled, Six Worlds of WOW is the National WOW Museum’s exhibition of finalist garments from the 2017 WOW Awards Show. …our “The Messenger” among them. This is the piece we created with Lana Crooks and with which we took 3rd prize in the WOW “Red” category.

Dawnamatrix collaborates with artist Lana Crooks for the World of Wearable Art competition

Dawnamatrix and sculptor and fiber artist Lana Crooks collaborated to make a dress for the upcoming World of Wearable Art competition in New Zealand. WOW® is a globally respected and renowned international design competition. Yearly it draws hundreds of entries from all over the world, awarding $165,000 in prize money, and internships with huge creative companies, like the Weta Workshop, known for their work on “The Lord Of The Rings” trilogy, among others films.