The WOW Museum

And the WOW adventuring, beyond our win for our two latex designs, keeps a’comin’.

In this recent article from the World Of Wearable Art ( we learned all about the World Of Wearable Art National WOW Museum and Nelson Classic Car Collection residing presently under one roof in New Zealand. Opened in 2001, the museum welcomes more than 40,000 local and international visitors each year, and includes the WOW cafe, the WOW store, and right now, the perfect pairing of couture and cars.

The WOW showcase, entitled, Six Worlds of WOW is the National WOW Museum’s exhibition of finalist garments from the 2017 WOW Awards Show. …our “The Messenger” among them. This is the piece we created with Lana Crooks and with which we took 3rd prize in the WOW “Red” category. (If you click the link above, you will see we have been honored to have a picture of The Messenger in the WOW article.) Visitors can as much examine the clothes as enjoy audio and visual from this year’s WOW Show, as well as historical film material from previous shows.

The WOW part of the museum display specifically opened to the public yesterday.

As to the 100 Years of Motoring car collection, the vehicles displayed here include 140 vintage cars dating as far back as 1908. The Nelson display is a world-class private collection, one of its country’s largest actually. Very much like WOW, but with cars, the exhibit here celebrates how each of these cars ‘ designs reflects the technology, times and cultural events it was built in.

As you will recall we love the marriage of fashion with car design. Having recently participated in the The Cars and Couture Fashion Show (see here) we certainly know how perfectly these two worlds of design mesh.

The WOW Museum is at 1 Cadillac Way, Nelson, New Zealand and more information can be found here:

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