The Force, Feminism and Christian Louboutin

The cosplay possibilities have always been of a high order with Star Wars, although it’s not so often we get to see latex styles in the mix of costuming. Most sci-fi, not just George Lucas’ masterpiece, gives us fans of fantasy and costuming lots to love. With the premier of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, mere days away, some real world fashion is coming into play over the movie, as Christian Louboutin celebrates the daring ladies in the space opera, in a most unique way.

Louboutin has created five designs that will be sold only at auction for the Lucasfilm’s charity Force for Change. There is a gold shoe inspired by the mechanic Rose. A shoe with a purple heel, the color matching Resistance leader Amilyn Holdo’s hair and cape. Chrome lines adorn Captain Phasma’s-inspired shoe and for hero Rey, learning in this film how to certainly wield her lightsaber (we left her in the last film handing Luke’s lightsaber to the older Jedi) her shoe sports a leather strap, translucent PVC base and a spike blue heel.

Each shoe will be signed by the actress who plays the character the shoe is inspired by, and Louboutin has included his “little Hitchcock,” a bespoke, glimmering jewel into each.

That last shoe created for the charity, is a, as yet unrevealed, chiffon pump inspired by spaceship design.

Disney, the conglomerate that owns Star Wars, has also collaborated with Christian Louboutin on the movies Maleficent and Cinderella. It seems films from Disney with strong female characters inspire the shoe creator especially. And even with seeming villains (Captain Phasma is a baddie in the new Star Wars) Louboutin pays tribute to the ladies equally.

These Christian Louboutin shoes are already gaining plenty of attention, as will Star Wars: The Last Jedi, to be sure.


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