World Of Wearable Art U.S. Embassy Video

Winning with your latest latex couture creation reaps multiple benefits when that win happens to come at WOW. As we have seen now for the past three years in a row, having competed in the World Of Wearable Art event and come away with awards each time, the New Zealand mainstay global fashion meet maintains a strong visible presence across the world long after the winners are announced in September. From museum displays to online articles to now this video just released, WOW is always reaching out to show the world what they do.

What you see here is all of us U.S. finalists answering some quick questions about our alternative wardrobe creations. The video was just sent to us by the U.S. Embassy, New Zealand. And as mentioned, in a previous blog, just before the announcement of the winners, we finalists were delighted to attend a morning tea hosted by Deputy Chief of Mission Kevin Covert. While there, this video was made.


Lynn Christiansen from San Francisco discusses her outfit made of all honeycomb shapes. Ben and I show off our winner, “Gemini: the Twins.” Robert Reed discusses his bird ecology conscious wardrobe design. Grace Duval from Chicago reveals how her piece was made from recycled bike inner tubes, bike chains, and wheel. New York’s Natalia Fedner shows off her form-fitting gown that can be folded to fit in the palm of your hand. And Brian Lapham from Phoenix talks about the fiber optics and tubing used in the creation of his submission.

We were all also asked what material we would use if we had our druthers…and unlimited cash to do so and our educational background.

The video is a quick get-to-know-the-designers piece, revealing what I feel (and humbly stated as Ben and I are in it) is the true passion we all have for what we make…and for how wonderful WOW is for letting is show it off. 

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