Part 4: The New Year (and DEcade) @ Dawnamatrix

In the last few blogs we gave forth, on what passed by us in 2019 and during the past decade, in latex design and fashion culture, in general. It’s certainly a matter of personal conjecture what will hit, what will die, what will circle round again, and what might be coming for the future in the mainstream, with the ready-to-wear world, across haute couture runways and even alternate wardrobes.

Here at Dawnamatrix, though, we can manage a little more informed assumption about our future.

As you would know, by looking around our site, coming to Dawnamatrix for bespoke items, or just reading our blog, we started by exploring the textile artistry of latex with classic designs. These included, what is still a specialty of ours, latex kimono designing, our exploration of the Steampunk aesthetic and the many ways in which life, fashion, fluidity, and science come together (most notably we have seen the culmination of this idea in what we have managed at the World Of Wearable Art events).

One of our latest explorations is working across the possibilities of latex garments using a laser cutter to make intricate forms that are visible at a distance across an arena; these forms would also reveal additional details when viewed up close. And the technological jumps that have been made lately with 3D printing is so fascinating we plan to explore this as well.

We’re looking forward to combining the techniques developed over the last ten years and incorporating new technologies, geometric structure, inflatables, and good old-fashioned garment construction techniques. We are sure to encounter, explore, and exploit new colors and textures as we are already set to designing new corsets and those kimonos we mentioned up above and love so well.

The way looks limitless as we enter this new decade. Stay tuned!

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